Complex Lease &
Contract Management

Space Utilisation &
Accommodation Planning

Resource Booking with
Advanced Analytics


A modular platform driving the performance of Corporate Real Estate (CRE)

Accurately Capture Lease & Contract Data

Fully customisable design makes it easy for users to accurately model their portfolio structure, from the largest international portfolios to smaller property holdings.

Simplify the workflow and reporting process around leased and owned assets whilst achieving transparency across record and compliance management.

A security framework that allows administrators to manage different levels of user access and permissions coupled with event driven diary management with email alerts.

Simplify business processes around the management of Corporate Real Estate (CRE). Gain oversight of portfolio performance, operational expenditure and income to make informed decisions.

Measure Workplace Performance

Space Manager provides insight into workplace efficiency and productivity. Managing both the traditional and Flexible or Agile Workplace from space planning, staff churn and charge-back to real time reporting of occupation & utilisation.

The well designed Workplace embodies the idea of choice which can have positive effects on overall staff wellbeing,  producing higher levels of job satisfaction.

Real time information is needed to align the needs of users with the workplace and review relevance, improvements in productivity will follow.

Developing a  Workplace Strategy that can deliver productivity gains requires sound evidence in the form of accurate data to understand how the Workplace contributes to business performance.

Make Sense of Complex Property Data

Providing standard as well as user configurable reports from data drawn from financial and space utilisation information are powerful tools to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. Introducing interoperability between diverse systems extends the richness of data to assist strategic decision making.

Managing Outcomes

Manage for outcomes not just outputs.

Using technology to improve workflows and efficiencies by redefining processes.