The Australian Government is working with State and Territory Governments through the National Strategy for Energy Efficiency (NFEE) to develop a new nationally consistent mandatory disclosure scheme for commercial office building energy efficiency (see

The scheme is rapidly moving from conception stage to compulsory requirement. The regulations if accepted could be finalised  for implementation in 2010 and will apply to corporations that own or lease buildings above a  minimum threshold of 2000m2 net lettable area ( NLA).

The regulations will require the energy efficiency of commercial office buildings to be disclosed at the point of sale or lease so that potential buyers and tenants can compare the energy efficiency of buildings on a ‘like for like’ basis.

The strategy will however accelerate the introduction of new technologies through improved regulatory processes.

From 2010 expect to see:

  • New energy efficiency provisions to be included in the update of the Building Code of Australia.
  • Stringent minimum energy performance standards for appliances and equipment. And specific standards to be introduced for the energy performance of air-conditioning plant

Nabers is a performance based rating system for energy, water and waste providing the means to measure environmental impact. (

The collection of adequate baseline data will be  a critical component of the strategy to allow for effective implementation and evaluation of policy measures.

Guardian Global System provides its users with the ability to record measure and report on energy and water consumption, waste generation etc.