White Papers

Preparing for IFRS16

As January 2019 rapidly approaches the requirement to comply with new lease accounting standards under AASB 16 is set to cause disruption to those organisations who are ill prepared.

Preparing for IFRS162019-04-05T09:52:21+10:00

Technology and workplace health

This article critically reviews the current but rapidly changing state of the ‘workplace’ – in all its physical, virtual and connected forms. Of particular interest is the make-up of both the psycho-socially healthy and productive environment, given the impact of a constant drive for cost-effective physical and virtual spaces that must simultaneously marry with usability issues and employee attraction for more flexible and healthier working conditions.

Technology and workplace health2017-03-08T05:19:01+10:00

Draft Sea Level Rise Policy Statement

In February of this year the NSW Government published a draft policy statement on sea level rise acknowledging that increased sea levels will have significant medium to long-term social, economic and environmental impacts. As an integral part of the state’s response to climate change, the Government is committed to supporting coastal communities in adapting to [...]

Draft Sea Level Rise Policy Statement2015-10-29T10:55:22+10:00

Mandatory Disclosure of Energy Efficiency

The Australian Government is working with State and Territory Governments through the National Strategy for Energy Efficiency (NFEE) to develop a new nationally consistent mandatory disclosure scheme for commercial office building energy efficiency (see www.coag.gov.au). The scheme is rapidly moving from conception stage to compulsory requirement. The regulations if accepted could be finalised  for implementation in [...]

Mandatory Disclosure of Energy Efficiency2015-10-29T10:53:05+10:00