Public Sector organisations face similar challenges to the private sector in better managing operational costs and responding to increasing regulatory requirements.  However the process of managing government assets places particular demands on public accountability and the need to maintain transparency.

Guardian Global Systems provides government at all levels with integrated workplace management systems that can easily model their portfolio structure and configure custom fields when creating records. This means all data and information can be captured without the costly need for customisation, putting users in control.

Irrespective of the complexity of the property portfolio, any structure can be modelled within the system including hospitals or education campus. Having a user configurable system means specific fields can be set-up for any class of real estate or property type. For example heritage or listed properties, gifted properties, sports grounds, public and pensioner housing.

From the management of the largest portfolio of mixed, owned and leased properties to much smaller portfolios, our systems have the capability to improve the performance and management of operational costs.

Space Manager provides users with the capability to monitor and manage both the traditional as well as flexible Workplace in Real Time, to manage occupation and ensure the availability of different workplace settings and improve workplace performance. The integration with client systems, including building information management, HR and Accounting systems helps to drive workplace performance.