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Technology and workplace health
This article critically reviews the current but rapidly changing state of the ‘workplace’ – in all its physical, virtual and
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ABW and the Need for Real Time Reporting
There are a growing number of major companies interested in changing their workplace and implementing activity based working (ABW), also
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IASB Lease Accounting
The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has issued proposals on how leases are to be accounted for by companies that
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Draft Sea Level Rise Policy Statement
In February of this year the NSW Government published a draft policy statement on sea level rise acknowledging that increased
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Mandatory Disclosure of Energy Efficiency
The Australian Government is working with State and Territory Governments through the National Strategy for Energy Efficiency (NFEE) to develop
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Indoor Environment Quality for Fitouts
Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) is about targeting the wellbeing of building occupants and is a critical element in providing a
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