Guardian Global Systems has provided systems for some of the largest legal firms and has helped our customers respond to new challenges around managing the future workplace.

Global organisations are shifting away from traditional ways of working and adopting more agile and technology enabled businesses.

To survive and flourish in the future, organisations must embrace the flexible workplace which in future will extend beyond an organisations company walls, creating challenges with communication, collaboration and engagement.

With increasing worker mobility ensuring people remain connected with their workplace means a more agile approach is required. The individual needs of users which includes health and wellness is rapidly becoming of greater importance.

Portfolio Manager

Enabling our users to track and report current operational costs across the portfolio and better managing the complexity of financial and transaction processes has helped improve portfolio performance.

Having a user configurable system that is intuitive and easy to use and which extends into custom reporting means organisations can accurately capture information about their portfolio and simplify workflow processes.

The requirement to comply with new lease accounting standards by 2019 under AASB 16 (IFRS 16), which requires companies to report leases on their balance sheet, is set to cause disruption to those organisations who are poorly prepared. Portfolio Manager help our users report on lease liability and manage compliance with the new lease accounting standards.

Space Manager

Provides users with the capability to monitor and manage both the traditional as well as flexible Workplace in Real Time, to ensure the availability of different workplace settings and improve workplace performance.

Offices can present barriers to daily work that can impact on how people actually enjoy working there. The biggest impact on productivity  includes noisy spaces between work settings and difficulties in finding and booking meeting rooms. Helping people reduce the amount of time spent in locating spaces, teams and booking resources via web browser or mobile device all translates into a better workplace experience and increased productivity.

Providing Workplace Managers with real time information on occupation, utilisation and team collaborations means that the workplace settings can be aligned with user requirements. Having the tools available to undertake scenario planning and forecast future demand for space helps our users drive performance.