Easily manage even the largest international corporate real estate portfolios

Flexible and Configurable

Portfolio Manager accommodates complete personalisation and flexibility for organisations and individual users. The fully customisable design makes it easy to accurately configure a portfolio structure from an investment portfolio,  a university or hospital campus to a single property record .

Parent-child relationships can be assigned to assets and there is no limit to this granularity, enabling costs to be apportioned by floor, room, even equipment. Metrics of utilities can be recorded against each property, an essential feature for environmental reporting and portfolio benchmarking.

Critical dates for all leased, sub-leased, owned and tenanted properties and assets are tracked and integrated with Outlook, allowing for calendar alerts to keep stakeholders aware of critical dates and events.

Current and projected rental income and liability can be assessed instantly; each property can have a full record of all rent reviews, option exercise dates, payments due and income receivable.

Contracts & Invoices

Two-way integration with most major financial packages allows for seamless implementation. The system understands the structures of all types of corporate real estate contracts, and integrates these into a graphical timeline ensuring critical deadlines are met.

Similarly, Portfolio Manager comprehends all types of income and expenses associated with a particular asset or group.  Recurring invoices are automatically generated at the right moment. Apportionment allows payments to be split across GL codes and costs centres, with invoice data collected within the system for variance reporting.

Portfolio Manager’s powerful reporting engine can aggregate information across your organisation’s portfolio. This is not restricted to accounting matters, the system can track almost anything from cost, usage and variance to compliance. Reporting functions are customisable, meaning you can generate snapshots of any aspect of the portfolio at any given point. This not only helps establish where the portfolio sits currently, but also brings a new wealth of information to strategic planning processes.

Flexibility extends into accounting, the system can be integrated with the organisation’s accounts payable systems facilitating reconciliations, sub-lease payments and much more. Integration with accounting packages supports a central point of data entry.

Automatically generate a lease liability reports of future lease payments over the lease term.

Each lease record captures the data required to quantify Lease assets and Liability for reporting against  IFRS Lease Accounting Standards.

Files & Contacts – A Place for Everything

Store all digital files against a particular record, Portfolio Manager evolves over time to become a fully backed-up document repository; a singular resource accessible from any organisational site. Alternatively, integration with existing document management systems allows for immediate and convenient functionality

Users can define a particular schedule of compliance requirements to be met by each of each record type. Issues and tasks can be assigned and tracked across a portfolio in a simple manner with tasks and notes linked to staff. Individuals can create a customised to-do list of critical activities which are flagged in advance of their due date on the user’s home dashboard.

Central contact list

Any external contact associated with your organisation’s portfolio, from clients to contractors, can be stored in the Contact Register. This enterprise-wide shared contact list becomes a central access point where all employees can update and access information.