Instant insights into staff / workplace interactions and space utilisation

Strategic Planning and Oversight

Space Manager allows users to manage neighbourhood allocations and perform scenario planning for staff relocations. Stack and block planning allows multiple scenarios to be work shopped across all stakeholders reducing costly mistakes.

Workplaces that allocate staff to neighbourhoods can use Space Manager to report on utilisation and plan for future activity.

Being able to effectively measure means you can respond to over or underutilisation and recognise looming demand and supply issues.

Occupancy Churn

A Distributed Churn Request Framework allows space to be managed by a broad scope of users across an organisation, nationally or internationally.

Users or departments can be allocated their own spaces or neighbourhoods to manage. This allows the collation and reporting of data by a central management team. When assistance is required to effect major structural changes or relocations, users may submit requests to the Management Team.

Workspace managers will have more time to focus on big picture decisions as the day-to-day churn management is driven by the end user.

Workplace Analytics

The technology required to realise the agility in the Workplace also provides an opportunity to collect data relating to workplace performance. By drawing on multiple sources including building security, WiFi, phones, occupancy sensors and building management systems, workplace managers can get live data to better measure usage to the team or desk level , understand trends and plan strategically for the future.

Space Manager’s advanced analytics engine provides instant insight into interactions between staff and the workplace, measuring utilisation and collaboration usage across all workplace settings. Dashboard reporting provides key indicators and analysis of the workplace via heat maps, with clear info graphics and dwell time analysis.

Space Chargeback

The system can allocate a percentage of accommodation cost to users and or neighbourhoods based on utilisation with chargeback schedules generated automatically in real time. This can have a flow on effect of internal efficiency and provides transparency and accountability across all space users.